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About Us - The Dog Lady - Edmonton & St. Albert Alberta.

The Dog Lady and Son is locally owned and operated dog walking business in North Edmonton and St. Albert Alberta operating since 2012. The Dog Lady and Son believe that a tired dog is a good dog. So exercise such as walking is important to having a healthy, happy dog.

Before I was a The Dog Lady and a professional dog walker, I walked dogs at The Edmonton Humane Society in Edmonton Alberta. I also fostered kittens as well. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it. If you love animals volunteer there. As a result of my dog walking volunteerism, I have a lot of experience dealing with a wide variety of dogs of different temperaments and breeds. 

I am also trained as a vet assistant and a dog trainer. So your dog is in good hands. 

At The Dog Lady, we employ local dog lovers from Edmonton and St. Albert to be our dog walkers so that they are familiar with the areas of Edmonton and St. Albert that they will be dog walking in. We are want your dog or dogs to have a safe walk in their Edmonton or St. Albert neighbourhood.

Puppy visits are conducted in your Edmonton or St. Albert home. We come over at the time you have scheduled for the puppy visit, and we provide a potty break for your puppy. During the puppy visit we will also play, groom, and walk (20-30 min) your puppy in your Edmonton or St. Albert neighbourhood. Puppy visits provide puppies the opportunity to relieve themselves, get exercise, and socialize with The Dog Lady and Son.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide the best darn walk your dog has ever had.

We only employ the best from Edmonton & St. Albert. All of our dog walkers are avid dog lovers who have many years experience dealing with all types and breeds of dogs.

To contact us in Edmonton or St. Albert Alberta: