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Cat Sitting

Enjoy your vacation while we take care of your cat or cats. Before I owned dogs I owned and loved several cats. I am very experienced in cat care with over 25 years of cat loving. In fact I consider myself an expert on cat and dog relationships.

I have 3 cat care options to choose from:

Option 1: An one hour daily visit. I will play, pet, clean the kitty litter, and replenish the food and water. The rate for this care is $33 per hour if you live in NW Edmonton or St. Albert. If you live outside of these areas the rate is $38. Also included in the care is a security check, mail take in, and plant watering.

Option 2: Extended Cat visits. This option includes 2 cat visits a day. One during the hours of 10 am to 2 pm, and an evening visit. Your cat will be stimulated by cat games, cat nip if you permit, and cat massages. Also included are the basics listed in option 1. The rate for extended cat care is $50 a visit if you live in NW Edmonton or St. Albert. If you live outside the service area the rate is $65.

Option 3: The you choose the number of visits option - the amount of visits will be determined by you but of course the care remains the same. The visit will be an hour in length and include petting, playing, cleaning the kitty litter and replenishing the food. The rate is $33 per visit if you live in NW Edmonton or St. Albert, and $38 a visit if you live outside of NW Edmonton or St. Albert.