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Edmonton & St. Albert Alberta- Dog Walking & Puppy Visit Rates

$33 per hour per dog between 9 am to 3 pm

Multiple dog discount: If you own more than one dog we offer a discount. Dogs must live in the same household in Edmonton or St. Albert.

First dog =$33

Second dog =$5

Third dog = FREE

Fourth dog = FREE

Puppy Visits - puppy visits vary in length according to each dog's needs. $33 per visit

How does this work?

So for example Ann has 3 dogs so her rate for all 3 for one hour walk would $38.

Included in our dog walking rates and puppy visits are some wonderful free services. Here they are:

Security Check (when we pick up and drop off your dog we will walk around your property to make sure it is secure. We will check to make sure doors are locked etc.)

Mail Pick Up - if your mail has been delivered we will bring it in, and place in a convenient place for you.

Walk Report - Every walk will come with a walk report. A report of how the walk went, and any concerns we may have.

Emergency notification of pet illness - We will notify you immediately if your pet is ill/sick.

Weather in Edmonton and surrounding areas can be a bit of a wild care sometimes.  However, no matter the weather we will arrive your home.  We don't miss visits.  Below are our guidelines regarding lengths of walks and weather temperatures.

Weather Guidelines:


-15 to -20    45 minutes

-20 to -25     30 minutes

-25 and Colder = Pee Break or Brief 10 minute walk.


20 to 30       45 minutes

30 plus= Pee Break or Brief 10 minute walk.

Temperatures between +20 to -15 are generally one hour walks.