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Here are some of the questions we have been asked about dog walking & puppy visits by people in Edmonton & St. Albert.


Q: Why should I hire a professional dog walker?

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional dog walker instead of your neighborhood teenager. A professional dog walker is insured so if anything happens to your dog or someone else as a result of your dog you will be monetarily covered. A professional dog walker is also certified in pet first aid and CPR so if any emergencies or illnesses occur you know your dog will receive the fastest treatment available. Also a professional dog walker does this for a living so we want you to be 100% happy with our services and as a result will provide you with the best service.

Q:What does a professional dog walker do?

A professional dog walkers walks dogs. But we also do other things as well. We make sure your dog is safe during the walk. We check on the health of your dog, the security of your house. We are your dog's watch dog.

Q:I have decided to hire a dog walker what should I look for in a dog walker? Make sure the dog walker is insured and has current certification in pet first aid and CPR. Most important you should like your dog walker and trust them. 

Q: Will a dog walker train my dog? No dog walkers do not train your dog. That is the job of a dog trainer. However, we will supplement whatever training methods you do use with your permission of course. For example, you praise your puppy for urinating outside by giving him a treat. At The Dog Lady and Son of Edmonton we will continue on with your training by also supplying him with a treat when he urinates with your permission.

Q: Where will the dog walker walk my dog? At The Dog Lady and Son of Edmonton once you are a client I will supply you with 3 route lists for your dog that are in your area. This way you will always know exactly where we are walking your dog. We use 3 routes because we believe that dogs need a little variety in the lives so instead of just the same route every day we like to spice it up a bit by offering 3 different safe routes.

Q:Will my dog be walked with other dogs? Yes. we know that dogs are social animals so we think it is important that dog socialize with other dogs. Your dog will be walked with other dogs that he or she gets along with. Also we only walk a small number of dogs at a time so that you know your dog is safe and well care for.

Q: What is a puppy visit? A puppy visit is a one hour visit period with your puppy. We take your puppy outside for an elimination break, play, groom and go for a short walk with your puppy during the puppy visits.

Q: What is included in a puppy visit? Also included in your puppy visits is a free security check, mail brought in, accident clean up, and daily communication about the visit.

Q: Where in Edmonton & St. Albert do you provide walks and puppy visits? We provide walks and puppy visits in Northwest, West and Central Edmonton and St. Albert.