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Tips for Dog Parents in Edmonton & St. Albert from The Dog Lady.

Dog Walking Tip: If you are walking more than one dog at a time make sure that all dogs have the same length leash. It is easier to have control of the dogs if they are on the same size leash. Also, it lets the dogs walk together or side by side if they wish.

General Dog Tip: If you want your dog to listen to you more than talk to him less. I have found through personal experience with my own dogs that the less I talk the more they pay attention to what I do say. So I use my words sparingly. I don't natter on about my day to my dogs. That is what my husband is for. Instead I quietly enjoy my walk with my dogs, and only use my voice to praise them or to give the occasional needed command.

Dog Eating Poop Tip: This sounds gross, and it is! But as a dog lover and dog owner, it has happened to me many times. Sometimes we catch them eating their own dog poop, other dog's poop or even cat poop. Just a few days ago I caught one of my own dogs eating cat poop so I searched through my cupboards for the one thing that works to stop dogs from eating cat poop. Apple biter works wonderfully for stopping dogs from eating cat poop. Sure you can move the litter box, but it is better to stop the problem than just prevent it. So spray the apple biter found at most pet stores around the sides of the kitty litter box, and that should stop the problem. I would spray the box about once a day for at least a week to stop and cat poop eating. If you dog eats his own poop then try feeding him small amounts of pumpkin that should stop him from eating his own poop. I

Dog Walking Tip: In the last week I have found and tried an adjustable coupler for walking multiple dogs at the same time. They are great. However, there is only one drawback. If you have a 3 dog coupler you will only be able to walk 3 small dogs at once. Unfortunately, I have not found a coupler that is strong enough to safely walk 3 medium sized dogs. So if you have 2 dogs of about the same size get a 2 dog coupler. It is great!! You only have one leash to handle, but still 2 dogs to walk. You also don't have to worry about losing leashes because with a coupler you only need one leash.